about us: 

Tiffness Fitness is a personal training business that is focused on helping others find the fun in their workout. 

This is done through program building in one on one training, group classes, and online training. Tiffness Fitness is dedicated to creating personalized programming to help clients reach their happiest, healthiest, and fittest self. 

Tiffness Fitness  was created by  Tiffany Longcor. Athletic through most of her life, Tiffany taught swimming lessons, water aerobics, and played competitive soccer through her sophomore year of college (on nationally ranked Fresno City College's team). After transferring to Humboldt State, she continued to teach swim lessons but health and fitness had definitely become less of a priority. She left her swim instructing job after graduation and became significantly less active. Within a few months, she had gained weight and was feeling very unhappy.

In April 2015, she made a decision to start exercising and eating better in order to lose weight and to feel better. From April to December, she lost 50 pounds by counting calories and running. Once she got into a real gym, Tiffany had so much fun doing strength training and pushing herself to become stronger.

After some time, she realized she was happiest working out or helping her friends and family workout. In November 2016, she made the commitment to become a personal trainer and, in March 2017, Tiffany earned her American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification and has since pursued her goal in helping others get healthier, happier, and fitter.

Since then, she’s worked as a trainer throughout California & has worked on including intuitive eating & practicing HAES & continuing to find more ways to enjoy moving!

Currently, Tiffany enjoys competing in Kettlebell Sport, an endurance weight lifting competition. You can find out more about that here & check out what she’s doing on the daily over on her instagram!

She teaches classes at EDGE in San Marcos, KOR Strength and Conditioning, MyGym Poway, and in home… so come take a class from her!