quick & easy dinners: burrito bowls

it does not take a lot of time or effort to make a healthy meal. it may seem daunting but it can be quick and easy to make a healthy meal. 

so today's meal is a burrito bowl. 

here's what you need: 

chicken breast
pinto beans

how much of each of these do you need? depends on how much you want to cook. for me, i cooked up a couple lbs of chicken, a big can of pinto beans, and a couple cups of rice. plus a few tomatoes and a couple avocados. i cooked a big batch because 1) i was hungry and 2) i like having leftovers available. 

first things first: get your rice going. that's what will take the longest. 

Then take your chicken breasts and slice them up so they'll cook faster.  and get them into the pan. i used a quick spray of coconut oil pam on the bottom of the pan. 

from there you'll add your first round of spices. here are the spices i used today: 



once you season the meats on all sides you should have 3 things on the stove... your rice, your chicken, and your beans. 

while all of that is cooking you don't really need to mess with it, minus some stirring here and there. so you have plenty of time to cut up your tomatoes and avocado. 

add salt  and pepper to taste

add salt  and pepper to taste

and pretty shortly after that, your food should be just about ready to go. a few more stirs, and maybe a little bit more time on the rice, you'll be good to go!



layer it however you would like, but i went with rice, beans, chicken, and then the tomato/avo mix. 

super tasty, healthy, high protein/low fat, no fuss dinner. 

this all took me about 30 minutes, and it made a big dinner for two, along with plenty of leftovers for the next day. 



and there you have it! one of my favorite easy to cook meals.

what's your favorite easy, healthy meal?

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