HOW TO: "survive" thanksgiving

it's the holidays!! it means family and fun and so much food! which is great, but for someone trying to losing weight, trying to stick to a diet, or trying to be healthy in general the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful and just all together not fun. 

BUT it doesn't have to be like that. you can (and SHOULD) enjoy your holidays with your families and enjoy all the fun food that comes along with it!

first things first, don't stress about your calories on thanksgiving. seriously. it's one day. i know we have goals and you want to hit them but you don't need to be tracking every bite to be successful. (promise!) 

and on top of that, any weight you may gain the  next day is most likely going to be just water weight that'll disappear in just a couple of days! (seriously, don't weigh yourself on friday it'll just make you crazy). 

and there's a lot of posts out there saying just don't worry about it, but that's easier said than done, i know, cause i've been there. so it's nice to have a plan for the day so you don't feel overwhelmed by all the food and family. cause, tbh, it is A LOT. a lot of people (usually), a lot of food, and a lot of people asking you way too many questions about your life, health, weight, job, and/or anything else they can think of. 

so here's what you can do to have fun and not be stressed out and feel all bloated at the end of the day:

1) put the non-fried veggies and lean proteins on your plate first! then add all the fun fried foods!  (there are lots of tasty and usually lean options available in thanksgiving! turkey and/or ham and veggies all over the place) 

2) eat slowly and enjoy the fuck outta your food! (it takes time for your stomach to catch up and realize its full, so eat nice and slow and really enjoy your foods) 

3) wait 20-30 mins before you go back for seconds. (like mentioned before, it takes time to for your stomach to catch up)

4) eat your mashed potatoes, casseroles, pies, and cakes without stress!! (seriously!! stress doesn't help anything ever. enjoy TF out of all the food you eat on thanksgiving, pie included!) 


that's it. don't stress about your food and enjoy your time with your family and/or friends. when you look back on your holidays, you want to have happy memories, not remembering the food anxiety or some sort of other negative feelings. 

it really is only one day and it really won't ruin all your progress. promise! don't let nutrition and stress control your life. 

have such a wonderful thanksgiving everyone!