HOW TO: be consistent in the winter

it's getting cold and it's the holiday season and it gets really difficult to keep on track with eating well and workout schedules get thrown off and it's dark ALL THE TIME so it feels impossible to get out of bed. 

so HOW ON EARTH are you supposed to stay on track with all that happening?? well, i got some ways to help you keep up your on your nutrition and fitness! 

  1. Cut yourself some slack! 
    1. Seriously. Life gets busy and some days getting a workout may just not happen. If it gets to overwhelming to diet, get into maintenance mode and don't stress about tracking everything cause honestly it may be difficult to track food at family meals and work potlucks. 
  2. Focus on mindfullness
    1. eat slowly and drink SO MUCH water. you can (and SHOULD) and enjoy all the friend and family get togethers, but that doesn't mean you have to over-indulge and feel bloated the whole holiday season. listen to your body and enjoy your holiday treats. just take it slow, and don't feel like you HAVE to eat any of these treats people are offering you.
  3. Get your workouts in when you can. 
    1. let's be real, you likely won't have access to your home gym every single day of this holiday season. and that is OKAY. if you want to workout still, there are plenty of ways to still get movement into your day during the holidays. doing bodyweight HIIT workouts is a great way to get moving with minimal space and equipment. and don't be afraid to just get outside and get walking or hiking with your family. And beyond that, don't feel obligated to workout so you can enjoy your holiday feasts. 
  4. Make your next meal a good one. 
    1. That means, yes, enjoy the hell out of your tasty holiday treats, but try your best to make your meal or snack following that something nutritious. eat the cookies or cake or whatever, but try to make your next meal or snack something that has a little more nutritious. there's almost always a veggie tray... grab something from there when you go back for a second helping. 
  5. Keep yourself accountable.
    1. You know that this time of year means everything can be a little bit crazy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep yourself on track. there are always a lot of excuses and more so this time of year, but that doesn't mean you should let yourself go wild. this is YOUR life so you gotta take responsibility and stick to your routine as much as you can, get up even if its dark, do some bodyweight workouts when you're on the road, and make sure movement is part of your day no matter where you are and what your day is like. 


There ya have it. :) Life is always gonna have obstacles and excuses and you're always going to have to overcome them to be successful in whatever you're doing. Keep on moving and you'll thank yourself later. 

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