Cleanses & Detoxes are BULLSHIT

hi, i'm here to start a fight with literally anyone and everyone trying to sell you some FitTea or some sort of 3 day Power Cleanse or telling your drink cayenne lemon water to detox your liver or whatever bullshit someone is peddling you these days.


look, I understand, they are tempting as heck. they tell you that you'll lose weight fast or you'll have more energy immediately or your skin will magically look flawless. with just a few days of "cleansing" your body... like these are big promises to solve big problems - and they are totally empty.

So here's the facts:

  1. your body cleanses and detoxes itself.
    1. all your body's systems are essentially made to use the things that come into the body and expel the stuff it needs to get rid of.
    2. your liver filters the toxins from getting into your bloodstream (i.e., alcohol).
    3. your kidneys filter your blood to get rid of toxins through urine.
    4. your colon produces chemicals (good & bad) and gets them out through bowel movements.
    5. lungs are able to filter and eliminate chemicals that can enter your body via breathing. (clearly we have a good system going here)
    6. And if something with your body is not functioning properly - go to a doctor. don't do a juice cleanse and call it good.
  2. idk what magic you think cayenne or lemon juice has, but I can assure you it isn't going to magically make your body function better.
    1. though consistently eating nutrient rich foods on a regular basis (fruits, veggies, etc) your body will function more efficiently but just drinking juice for a week isn't going to magically streamline your body's functions.
  3. the original cleanse ("The Master Cleanse"  by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s- the 12 glasses of lemon, cayenne, and maple syrup + a laxative) was NEVER confirmed through any research. though it boasts giving you more energy and general happiness... doing the master cleanse is no better than starving yourself. basically every cleanse claims the same things, and also have never been substantiated through science.
    1. like, yeah, you'll lose weight doing that. because you're not eating ANY FOOD (and possibly taking LAXATIVES). but as soon as you eat again you'll gain most of that right back.  it's not worth it.
  4. They are legitimately scams.
    1. guess what costs lots of money? FitTeas, juice cleanes, soup cleanses, and the works. they are just expensive poops. that's it. fancy laxatives in fancy packages with fancy flavors.
    2. you can actually harm your body by doing cleanses. do you think that eating cayenne and juice  for a week is good for your body? it's not. you aren't intaking much, if any, of your daily nutrient and calorie needs. your body needs food to function.
    3. you can get the supposed benefits of the cleanses through adding natural fiber and diuretics into your diet on a regular basis. think apples, beans, avocado, lentils, asparagus, figs, carrots, tomatoes, oats, blueberries, WATER).

so PLEASE for the love of everything good in this world, stop doing detoxes and cleanses. stop giving people your money for no reason.

I know it sounds so nice and convenient and easy to "kickstart" your weight loss or to even lose 5 lbs in 5 days or get clear skin instantly or something... but these are not good for you at all. not in the short term, not in the long term.

eat foods that make your body feel good and move how you like to move and enjoy life and don't buy an expensive tea that makes you poop a lot. #lifetips